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Singer Song Writer

Blog And Personal Life

Jim has performed on many stages across the United States. Jim has self produced 2 albums, one with the support of a largely successful Kick Starter campaign seen here. Jim's name has grown far beyond his home town church where he started. His music has inspired and challenged people all over the country to take a deeper look into their relationship with God. Jim lives and breathes music. The authenticity, soulfulness, and passion behind his lyrics are what distinguish him from other singer/songwriters of his day. Let's be honest the dude can Flat.Out.Sing.


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Jim openly shares his personal life and love for Christ through his facebook, twitter, instagram, and his blog. He is a passionate family man who loves his wife and three crazy awesome kids with all of his heart. Add or follow Jim in the links below!


Coaching And Mentoring

Jim has taken his love for leading worship and music and with God's help has fashioned it into a way to help others. He has a true heart for mentoring and desires to see many churches and individuals reach their full potential. Jim's exclusive training information will be offered in weekend workshops and one-on-one personal coaching sessions. Jim desires to travel the world and help worship leaders, singers, and musicians grow in their abilities all for the love of their Creator.


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